Bourgogne Aujourd'hui rewards our 2018 Marsannay !

As part of the Marsannay tasting, Bourgogne Aujourd’hui interview Sylvain Pabion, the estate manager of the Château, on the aims goals of organic farming certification of the Château de Marsannay:

“With the Château de Meursault, we are conducting an environmental tought, especially to make our soils more alive. “. Here is a short extract of the very good marks obtained by the wines of Château de Marsannay:

Marsannay Au Champ Salomon 2018, 17.5/20

Marsannay Le Boivin 2018, 17.5/20

The Château de Marsannay promotes the Climats de Bourgogne, during cellar visits and tastings.

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