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Vinification & Maturation

A perfect respect of the grapes, combined with a balance between a traditional method and modern technology, ensure the mastery of plot by plot vinification. The vines located on the plots of vineyards Champs Perdrix, Les Longeroies, Le Parterre, Les Echezots, Clos de Jeu, Les Favières, Clos du Roy, Les Crais de Chêne, Croisettes, Champeaux, Bel-Air, En Orveaux and the Grand Cru plots are subject to a specific work and to a separate vinification to meet the quality requirements.

Vinification & Maturation

The vinification of red wines

After a complete de-stemming, the berries are placed in temperature-controlled stainless steel or wooden vats for a perfect cold maceration of Pinot Noir. Every day during fermentation, several punching of the cap and pumping over are performed for a complete and perfect extraction. At the end of vatting, the marc is gently squeezed in the vertical press.

The vinification of the white wines

The pneumatic press allows a slow and progressive extraction of the juices. After a static cold settling of the must during a dozen hours, the must begins its fermentation in a barrel or vat at the right temperature to preserve the aromas of the Chardonnay. The wine is then aged in oak barrels or vats.

Vinification of the rosé wines

After being sorted, the grapes are put into pneumatic press for careful and gentle pressing. Then the juice is cleaned out during 24 hours and put into the vats for the alcoholic fermentation and the ageing process that last for about 6 months, in order to preserve all its freshness.

The maturation

The wines are matured at a constant temperature of 15°C and the ground is regularly sprayed to maintain a constant level of humidity. Red wines mature from 6 to 18 months.